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Extreme Makeover

In October of 2007 Henry was asked to be a part of a new home project to be built in Louisville, Kentucky by distinguished residential builder Joseph Pusateri owner of Elite Homes. When Henry got the call from Joe on a new home design, little did Henry know this project was for a very special customer and the requirements of the design were that the design had to be completed in twenty four hours and it would have to be provided for free. To say the least it would be a challenge that would certainly push speed and benevolence to the limits but once the shock wore off Henry was off to the races designing this home. The deadline was met and Joe revealed this particular home was for the Hughes family and in particular for their son Patrick Henry Hughes and this home would be featured on the Extreme Make Home Edition show in February of 2008. To this day it is the most humbling and special collaboration Henry has been involved with and most certainly one he will never forgot!!!