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The Design Standard

Exceptional Design, Presentation and Delivery of our services to its absolute best for the absolute most exceptional outcome the owners acceptance of all of our hard work from beginning to end.

Residential Resort Design

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The "TDS" brand is synonymous with exceptional service and execution. We consider every selection in the home "the details"  that indeed occupy our thoughts throughout the design, permitting and building process.

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Residential Remodels

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The most challenging area in any market within the building industry is the area of remodels. We personally visit the site to assess the structural implications of every remodel. Checking the permitted plans is also very important.

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Inspections & Management

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Building inspections and project management are part of our services. We also provide plans examining services to confirm & verify that Residential permit plans comply with Federal, State and local building codes.

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  • "Sleek Design and Easy to work with, Made Henry the Perfect Designer for Me"

    Henry is very easy to work with and captures your vision quickly with great results. We are thrilled with the home that he has designed for us. In particular, the curb appeal and the attention to detail on the interior floor plan has created a beautiful flow to the house and eye popping presence.

    David Rusate - Mediterra
  • "A Contemporary Style, Utilizing Modern Design Trends, as well as Being Functional"

    The words "this can't be done" do not come out of his mouth. If you want the best personalized service then Henry is your man! The attention to detail is amazing. Currently we are constructing a 9200 +/- home. He even worked very close with the pool architect to tie everything together. Contact me if you want a reference. A++

    Todd Rosenthal & Erica Kline
  • "An Impressive Attention to Detail Makes Our Homes Stand Out From The Pack"

    Given Henry's creative style and attention to detail, we now work exclusively with him. Our homes deliver the ultimate in floor plans with fantastic features and efficient flow, whether formal, transitional or traditional. He is able to 'read' the potential buyer and create a design that revolves around their vision..

    Ric Bonasera - General Manager, Partner
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Naples Fort Myers Marco Island Sanibel Captiva Estero Bonita Springs Cape Coral Southwest Florida Custom Home Builder & Designer

Looking for a custom home builder in Naples, Estero or Bonita Spring? The Design Standard is the custom home designer for you. They have been designing and building custom homes for many years around Southwest Florida including Fort Myers, Sanibel and Captiva.
TDS's motto is "exceptional design for exceptional people" and they have been designing and building exceptional custom homes in some of the finest residential communities including, Talis Park, Mediterra, Shadow Wood, Grey Oaks, Quail West and other high end residential developments
TDS has completed many residential remodels in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers. Attention to details is the main reason TDS has remained at the top of the Naples and Marco Island custom home designers and even earned them the Houzz 2015 Best Designer Award


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